Blanks guide for clothing brands.

In this blog, we talk about some of the best blanks out there you can use for your own clothing brand. This is a no bullsh*t guide to clothing blanks.

AS Colour

If you're located in Australia, you've probably heard or come across AS Colour. This is the go-to brand for basic start-ups, and some people have a lot of success with them. Unfortunately, their clothing blanks are "basic" but of good quality. What we mean by this is that their fitment and sizing are catered to the masses and not specifically streetwear. Their sizing usually takes on a slimmer, longer fit. However, they are starting to evolve and introduce newer and better-fitting garments such as their "Heavy" series, which have a more oversized and boxier fit, but the colour selection is limited. The good thing about AS Colour is that you can go into their store and try on their clothes for yourself.

If you do decide to go with AS Colour and are chasing bigger discounts, it may be beneficial for you to contact a printing/embroidery company directly as they usually have wholesaler accounts with AS Colour. This, in return, gives you better prices than what AS Colour has on their website when you bulk order from them. Not to mention, AS Colour doesn't only do blanks; they have a good collection of accessories such as caps, bags, socks, etc.

However, if you want to disassociate yourself from everyone else, you should look into Independent Trading Company for their hoodies and Los Angeles Apparel's wholesale range.

Independent Trading Co

Independent Trading Company is a wholesale clothing blank company that is known for their IND4000 hoodies, which are popular among American brands. Well-known skate and lo-fi brands use their IND4000 hoodies with their distinctive drawstrings and fitment. If you're going for the "skater look", then these hoodies are for you. You can create a wholesale account with them by emailing your business information. However, getting them in Australia is a whole different story as they don’t ship to directly to Australia but there are a select few wholesalers located in Australia such as Chapter 2 Distribution. They do have a sign-up page for wholesale accounts, but this is only for American users. Not many brands in Australia use their blanks because they are not accessible to many. We would recommend checking out their website here if you're interested in their hoodies. 

Los Angeles Apparel

If you're a streetwear brand looking for boxy fit jumpers, better fitting tees, and more, we recommend checking out Los Angeles Apparel. They're a manufacturer, designer, and wholesaler of clothing blanks located in, you guessed it, Los Angeles!

We highly suggest visiting their website here, and their wholesale website here, to see if they suit your needs. Not everything from their online store is available on their wholesale store.

They are well-known for their Garment Dye Crew Neck 6.5oz tees (1801GD)(1801MW) and their fleece hoodies/crews (HF09GD)(HF07GD)(HF-09). They also have a wide range of other garments available. Please note that their prices are in USD, so if you're looking to cut costs, these guys may not be for you.

When signing up for their wholesale accounts, you don't need the following information: PPAC#, PPAI#, and ASI#. You can leave these blank or, if they don't let you continue with the account process, email them and they'll sign you up through the back end. Signing up for their wholesale accounts will give you access to wholesale discounts. The more you order of each unit, the bigger the discounts. If you want to test out their garments before placing a bulk order, you can purchase some of their products on their consumer website.

However, the downside of Los Angeles Apparel, if you're living in Australia, is their shipping rates. If you try to check out with some items on your wholesale account, you'll see for yourself (again, prices are in USD).

Rue Porter

Finally, if you want high-quality blanks considered "luxury" in the market, check out Rue Porter. They have a limited range, but their quality is unmatched, and they are more suited for brands looking to dip their toes in luxury streetwear. From past experience and consumer feedback, Rue Porter's processing time is hard to predict and usually takes a while due to the volume of orders they receive. Also, they may be sold out for a period of time before restocking, making it difficult to plan your collections. They specialize in luxury blanks, so their pricing is higher than normal, and you need to be approved for a wholesale account before you can check out their wholesale pricing. Their shipping rates to Australia are more favorable compared to Los Angeles Apparel as they ship via FedEx, although it can get expensive due to the weight of their garments since Rue Porter produces everything using heavyweight materials.

Finding your own manufacturer

As mentioned before, finding a manufacturer can be costly and time consuming but there are specific things you can look for on Alibaba to reduce your risk. Comment "Guide" in our comments section below if you want us to write up a guide on finding a manufacturer. 

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